Enrichment Curriculum

In addition to our main curriculum, we offer all boys at KNBS the chance to participate in a wide variety of enrichment activities.



  • Music - Keyboard club, swing band, brass band, drum line, steel pans, choir, music technology club, guitar club and orchestra.
  • Sports – Basketball, fitness suite, GCSE PE club, football, touch rugby, GCSE practical intervention, rugby.
  • Other – Media club, French club, science club, science fiction film club, library film club, art club, business studies.

Our staff and many of our older students are always willing to help, and so if there is a club which is not listed, but which a student would like to be a part of, this can very often be arranged.


Outdoor Pursuits

KNBS employs a dedicated instructor of outdoor pursuits. We are proud of our tradition in this area and believe involvement in outdoor pursuits supports the all round development of our students, for example their problem solving, team work and leaderships skills.

Boys can become involved right from Year 7. Some of our students have gone on to achieve qualifications in areas such as expedition leadership, sailing, skiing and mountaineering.

Activities offered include dinghy sailing, yachting, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. There are annual ski trips overseas, as well as sailing expeditions in the Solent, one in France and even one around some of the Greek Islands!

In Year 7 we run a residential trip to Wales, where boys have the opportunity to experience a wide range of outdoor and adventure activities.

We have a strong tradition of participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and many of our year 10 students embark upon expeditions to support this.



We strongly believe that widening experiences beyond the confines of the classroom enriches understanding and also contributes to the development of broad minded and well-rounded individuals. Many departments run trips which further this ethos:

  • Modern languages have developed links with a French school which resulted has resulted in reciprocal visits.
  • The history department run a moving and powerful trip to Auschwitz to supplement the curriculum for GCSE students.
  • Geography supplement their curriculum with field trips to a variety of locations.
  • The music department ran a trip to Europe last summer term which culminated in our musicians playing live in three different countries.  This is set to become a standing feature.
  • The science department run a programme of visits to university lectures for our sixth form students.
  • The maths department enter teams into competitions against other schools such as the ‘mathematics olympiad’.
  • The English department take opportunities to provide students with experience of watching live theatre performances to enhance the enjoyment and understanding of texts that they are studying.
  • The PE department has recently run trips to Old Trafford and to the home of the Leicester Tigers to experience the thrill of top flight sport first hand – this is in addition to the wide range of teams that fulfil regular fixtures both locally and nationally.

Finally, to demonstrate that it’s not “all work and no play,” the winning house in our annual house competition depart en masse for an enjoyable day out at a theme park as a reward for their sporting, academic and community achievements throughout the year.